Welcome to the official page of Ektomorf, a metal band that has embarked on an impressive journey since its founding in 1994 in Mezőkovácsháza, Hungary. From humble beginnings to international recognition and successful albums, Ektomorf has become a prominent force in the European metal scene.

With their unique blend of thrash, hardcore, and traditional Roma music, the band has not only captivated the metal community but also delivered legendary live performances that stand out.

Their latest album, “VIVID BLACK,” marks a return to their thrash metal roots while venturing into new sonic territories. Led by Zoli Farkas, Ektomorf shows that their passion for music remains undiminished.

Join us on this exciting journey with Ektomorf as they unleash “VIVID BLACK” and their unbridled energy upon the world. Ektomorf proves that the flame of music burns brightly even in challenging times.

Zoltán "Zoli" Farkas

Founder, singer and guitarist of Ektomorf

Csaba Zahorán

Bassist of Ektomorf

about the band

Ektomorf is a metal band with origins in Mezőkovácsháza, Hungary, founded in 1994 by the charismatic singer/guitarist Zoltan “Zoli” Farkas. Over the course of their impressive career, the band has secured a firm foothold in the European metal scene, earning a reputation for their unique musical blend and high-energy live performances.

Starting from humble beginnings and rigorous practice, Ektomorf has evolved into an internationally recognized metal powerhouse. Their style combines elements of thrash, hardcore, and traditional Roma music, earning them a dedicated fan base and recognition within the metal community.

Throughout the years, the band has released a multitude of albums, showcasing their artistic growth and versatility. From chart-topping successes to innovative acoustic projects, Ektomorf has consistently demonstrated their willingness to explore musical experimentation.

Their latest offering, “VIVID BLACK,” is yet another testament to their ability to evolve while staying true to their roots. Led by Zoli Farkas, the band remains a constant presence in the world of metal, fueled by an unwavering passion for music.

Ektomorf exemplifies that the love for music and dedication to their craft are timeless. With “VIVID BLACK” and their unbridled enthusiasm, they are poised to conquer stages worldwide, uniting metal fans from all corners of the globe in headbanging solidarity.



How it started

The story of Ektomorf began in 1994 when charismatic singer/guitarist Zoltan “Zoli” Farkas founded the band in Mezőkovácsháza, Hungary. From humble beginnings and intense rehearsals, the band evolved and gained international recognition with their unique blend of thrash, hardcore, and traditional Roma music. Their legendary live performances set them apart early on, marking the start of their journey to conquer the world of metal.



Ektomorf has built an impressive discography over the course of their career, showcasing the band’s versatility and artistic evolution. Here are some of their notable albums:

“Hangok” (1996): This debut album marked the inception of Ektomorf’s musical journey. While initially receiving modest attention, it paved the way for the band’s future endeavors.

“Ektomorf” (1998): This self-titled album earned Ektomorf their first taste of international recognition and piqued the interest of the metal community outside Hungary. It was a significant milestone in their career.

“Kalyi Jag” (2000): This album further solidified Ektomorf’s reputation as an emerging metal band, showcasing their evolving style and musical prowess.

“Felüvöltök az égbe” / “I Scream Up to the Sky” (2002): Originally released in Hungarian, this album gained international attention and led to a label switch to Germany. Under the new label, it was released in English in 2002, marking Ektomorf’s European breakthrough.

“Destroy” (2004): Released under Nuclear Blast Records, this album continued the band’s successful trajectory and showcased their powerful, groovy style.

“Instinct” (2005): This album further solidified Ektomorf’s position in the metal scene, released in the same year as “Live And Raw – You Get What You Give…,” a testament to their captivating live performances.

“Outcast” (2006): Another hit album under their belt, “Outcast” continued to showcase Ektomorf’s evolution and growth.

“What Doesn’t Kill Me…” (2009): This album marked Ektomorf’s entry into the German album charts and solidified their presence in the European metal scene.

“Redemption” (2010): This album was characterized by anger, hatred, and social critique, revealing a more uncompromising side of Ektomorf. It was an expression of Zoli’s inner emotions.

“The Acoustic” (2012): An experimental project featuring cover versions, old and new songs re-recorded in an “unplugged” fashion, allowing Ektomorf to reach a non-traditional audience and explore new musical dimensions.

“Black Flag” (2012): This album, recorded in Hungary by longtime producer Tue Madsen, was hailed as another masterpiece in Ektomorf’s discography.

“Retribution” (2014): This album continued to showcase Ektomorf’s relentless style and dedication to their craft.

“AGGRESSOR” (2015): With this album, they presented a new sound and a focused style characterized by heavily downtuned guitars and a tight groove.

“Fury” (2018): With a focus on heavily downtuned guitars and a stronger presence in the modern thrash genre, “Fury” achieved chart placements in Germany and Austria and marked a significant chapter in the band’s journey.

“Reborn” (2021): This album marked Ektomorf’s comeback with a new label and a diverse sound, demonstrating their willingness to evolve and explore new musical avenues.

“VIVID BLACK” (2023): This upcoming album reflects Zoli’s experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic, delving into themes of personal relationships, hatred, and anger. It marks a return to the band’s thrash metal roots while also evolving their sound.

Ektomorf’s albums are not only musical masterpieces but also testaments to their artistic development and unwavering commitment to the metal scene. With each album, they have showcased new facets of their style, taking listeners on an exciting journey.

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